Detroit Edison Letter From Tom Depodesta

Date: 10/3/97
To: Mr. Bob Hyde
From: Tom DePodesta

Subject: L.P.A. Systems

Dear Bob,

As you know, Detroit Edison has been evaluating the Hy-Save LPA technology for about four years. Our evaluations have included applications such as floating head pressure, liquid injection, desuper heating, and thermal storage. The applications have been demonstrated on Supermarket refrigeration systems, refrigerated warehouse, and process refrigeration systems (ie. Manufacturing).

We have found the LPA technology to be a common sense solution to problems inherent to direct expansion refrigeration systems, including air conditioning applications. Each application or demonstration was approached with a deliberate design intent to assure that the target system function and purpose was not compromised. The LPA Systems we have designed and installed have consistently met or exceeded our expectations.

We recommend the Hy-Save LPA Technology to anyone who intends to approach the application with both a design intent and a commissioning procedure.


Tom DePodesta