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June 6, 1996

Fields Mechanical Services
Attention: Mr. Charles Hennault
2623 NW 74th Place
Gainsville, FL. 32606

Re: LPA Reference

Dear Charlie,
Please feel free to show this letter of reference to whomever it may concern. I am writing to express my experience and confidence in the Hy Save Liquid Pressure Amplifier technology you provide. I first became aware of this product when I was the North Florida Operations Manager for Carrier Air Conditioning at a national operation management meeting in 1988. We reviewed test data from around the country to evaluate the effectiveness of the LPA. Our conclusion was that proper installation on Carrier equipment would not void any warrantee, that the technology, properly applied, produced energy savings, and in specific instances could even alleviate oil return and maintenance problems.

I now work at Honeywell, the world leader in performance contracting. We demand that any technology we install on a performance contract be proven and reliable. The LPA, when properly applied and installed, meets those criteria. Honeywell has installed LPA projects all over the country, and in the South from Oklahoma City to Orlando, Ocala, and Clearwater. It has our confidence.

More specifically, your knowledge and expertise have benefited us greatly. You and your men have some of the most thorough knowledge of direct expansion air conditioning in the state. You frequently identify problems with the air conditioning equipment beyond your scope of work. These suggestions have greatly benefited both Honeywell and our customers.

As a result of your product and knowledge, Honeywell recommends LPA technology as a good effective energy saving project.

Yours truly,
Kevin K. McKenzie, P.E.
Professional Engineer
Performance Contract Engineer