Liquid Refrigerant Pumping-
The Best Kept Secret in the Industry

LPA PumpThe introduction of refrigerant pumping has been the most significant improvement in the refrigeration industry in the past 40 years. It is based strictly on sound engineering practices. Hy-Save has been the pioneer in this technology. Research and development of this and other improvements have been the backbone of this company. It has led to numerous patents to protect you and to assist you in improving your refrigeration or air conditioning system.

Drop those head pressures down. You can operate your equipment at 90 psi to 100 psi pressure instead of the usual 200 psi to 250 psi. Pumping refrigerant to your cooling coils eliminates the need to artificially maintain high head pressures. Unnecessarily high pressures mean more work for your compressor. More efficient delivery of refrigerant to your cooling coils increases capacity while reducing energy consumption. And best of all, this can be done with a fractional horsepower centrifugal pump.

Cooling per KW Energy UseUsing a typical compressor manufacturers' ratings, the chart is a comparison of energy use and capacity obtained for a standard compressor at different head pressures. Only by applying liquid pumping can lower condensing temperatures be reached without loss of capacity.

Efficiency Efficiencies this high, means more cooling for fewer energy dollars. From the chart, notice the Tons of Cooling you receive compared to the KW in Energy used.

Increase in capacity In many instances, an increase in capacity helps meet your needs. Even without the lowering of condensing temperatures, an increase in capacity is obtained.

Compressor life A primary reason for failure of compressors is from higher condensing temperatures. Compressors that are forced to work at or above the manufacturers' ratings will require replacement sooner. Eliminating these high pressures and temperatures means longer life and less maintenance. All of this adds to a reduction in operating cost.

"Hy-Save is the Best Kept Secret in the Industry".

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